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The 2003 Men of Maple Corner Calendar - Still online for a bit of recent history. Funds have been donated to nearly a dozen worthy community groups. See recent article

Maple Corner and Calais Photos:

Calais Mystery Photos - are a collection of old photos taken in Calais. Anyone who has info, or wants to make guess about the photoo is welcome to leave a comment there.

Picture.Net - Pictures from Maple Corner, Calais, Vermont and all over the world. Find a picture, send a postcard...

New! - The Calais Resource Guide - is a collaborative wiki based Guide Guide to People, Businesses, Talents, Skills, Community Resources, Goods, Services, Products, etc., in the Town of Calais, Vermont

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You are invited to sign up for the Calais Forums at which is a place to connect with all Calais residents. Make announcements, Buy, sell, trade, Find free stuff. Trade books, Find a job. Hire a helper...Search the lost and found...Get a ride somewhere, Look for sales at your local store...Find an apartment, or sell a house.... more...

Important Calais Web Links:


Join the Calais Forum and Bulletin Board -

The Official Calais, Vermont Town website:

Selectboard Meeting Minutes for 2004, 2005:{B3D83F7C-CA45-4B6E-B70D-A9176CB56087}

Calais Vermont Calendar of Meetings and Events:{2A53D6E6-B7CD-4587-996F-91554BB73907}

Janet Ancel, our State Representative:

Calais, Vermont news and information compiled by Dot Naylor:

Home of the Maple Corner Net Newsletter:
Archives: is where we send our Newsletters from.

If you are interested in submitting an opinion piece, essentially an online "Letter to the Editor", please go to: or

Calais Elementary Website: - We post school board meeting minutes and agendas as well the as the weekly school newsletter, menus, etc. There is also a town map and many other resources of general interest. - Steve Owens

Times Argus Articles about Calais:



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