Free Manuscript paper

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Free Music Manuscript Paper!

Steal this paper! It's free, it's easy, it's legal, and you won't be setting a bad example for your students:-) I got this idea from a commercial music site -- they're using it to harvest e-mail addresses, but I'm not (no cookies either)! Please e-mail your comments and suggestions.

Below are seven different .PDF files of manuscript paper. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them.

1. Twelve Staves no clef
2. Ten Staves no clef
3. Six Two Staff Systems no clefs
4. Five Two Staff Systems no clefs
5. Six Piano Staves (systems) like #3, but w/clefs
6. Five Piano Staves (systems) like #4, but w/clefs
7. Treble Solo w/Piano, four systems w/clefs

Steve Gallagher


P.S. to any cellists out there: the domain name is for sale.
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