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Curtis Pond in Calais, Vermont
P8260006.jpg (45 KB)
Floating around in August
P8260007.jpg (51 KB)
Practicing paddling
P8260008.jpg (56 KB)
Warming up
P8260011.jpg (61 KB)
Looking around
P8260012.jpg (63 KB)
Kayak paddle lessons
P8260013.jpg (53 KB)
P8260014.jpg (60 KB)
In the sun
PA140001.jpg (55 KB)
Learning to kayak
PA140004.jpg (66 KB)
Going canoeing
PA140005.jpg (67 KB)
PA140006.jpg (68 KB)
Heading for the middle
PA140007.jpg (65 KB)
Taking a rest from paddling
PA140008.jpg (65 KB)
Near collision
PA140009.jpg (65 KB)
and missed
PA140010.jpg (53 KB)
Towards the swimming area
PA140012.jpg (36 KB)
Miller's barn
PA140014.jpg (67 KB)
On the Island
PA140015.jpg (60 KB)
Leaving the Island
PA140016.jpg (58 KB)
The canoe
PA140017.jpg (61 KB)
Trying out the kayak
PA140018.jpg (59 KB)
Trying out the kayak
PA140019.jpg (57 KB)
A funny greeting
PA140020.jpg (46 KB)
By the fishing access
PA140022.jpg (58 KB)
Back to Miller's barn
PA140023.jpg (38 KB)
Back to Miller's barn
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