Villa Morelos, Michoacan, Mexico, December, 2003

Juan on his cousin Adrian's horse

Walking up to Adrian's rancho

Isaac on horse

Adrian's son lassos cow

Adrian lassos cow

Adrian's son holds calf

Adrian's son rides calf

Adrian's son falls from calf

Juan and Adrian with cocks

Juan's cousin with animals

Hanging out on the rancho

Hanging out on the rancho

Burro brays

Adrian and burro

Driving cattle

Villa Morelos from Juan's mini house

Sarah at laundry/dishes rock

Sarah at Juan's mini casa

Villa Morelos street scene

Peeing carnival game

Villa Morelos cathedral

Corn drying on adobe wall

Villa Morelos houses

Mini store with no door

Isaac with cow

Adrian milks cow

Steve tries!

Milking lesson

Adrian drinks mild

Sarah tries milking