Pictures of Eastern Kings County, PEI, Canada, Summer 2003

Hermanville, PEI

Crab Hunting on the North Shore

Kayaking, South Lake

Dead Jellyfish, Bothwell Beach

Our Appliances

The Path to Blueberry Beach

Picking Blueberries in the dunes

Llamas at the Dundas Fair

Hollering Contestants, Dundas Fair

Woodleigh Castle

Windmills at North Cape, PEI

Acadien Fair Boats

Path to Big Pond Beach

Gallagher's House, East Point, PEI

Hiking, East Point, PEI

Burying Dixie, Big Pond Beach

Movie Set for "Rose and the Snake"

Big Pond

Herring Fishing

Moving the woodshed, North Lake, PEI