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The Men of Maple Corner
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The Men of Maple Corner Calendar 2002

Vermont Joint House Resolution # 160
honoring the Men of Maple Corner


Jan. 9th, 2002

Here is the resolution that was sponsored by Jim Masland if you haven't yet seen it. Also, congratulations on the calendar's incredible success. I was really impressed with the execution and while other groups might have been able to pull off the calendar, I don't think any group could have done it so artfullly. Best wishes, Elaine Alfono. More info online at the www.leg.state.vt.us

J.R.H. 160

Joint resolution honoring the Men of Maple Corner Calendar

Offered by: Representative Masland of Thetford

Whereas, in 1998, the citizens of Maple Corner, a respectable and quiet Vermont hamlet, upon learning the British movie "The Full Monty" was a smashing success, decided that a localized adaptation, a play entitled "The Full VerMonty," would be a frolicking evening of good cheer if staged at the Maple Corner Community Center, and

Whereas, the community center’s curtain came crashing down with a thud before it ever rose an inch, when the fire marshal ordered the building shut tight due to fire code violations, and Whereas, the canceled theatrical performance prompted the Maple Corner Community Club to develop a building repair fundraising scheme, a calendar featuring most revealing photographs of the village’s upstanding fathers, and

Whereas, all proceeded apace, with photographic shooting sessions which assured these handsome Vermonters would appear in nearly all their naked glory, and

Whereas, word of the renamed calendar’s imminent publication reached an unbelievable crescendo, and

Whereas, in addition to local media reports, the Men of Maple Corner were featured for an extraordinary two consecutive days on the nationally-televised NBC "Today Show," and

Whereas, since the calendar’s publication in November, copies have been sold in every state and abroad, thousands of dollars have been raised to repair the community center, and countless admirers of these natural stars are now singing The Men of Maple Corner Theme Song, and

Whereas, Messieurs January, a singer-songwriter and human resources specialist, February, a woodcarver, March, a sugar maker and retired dairy farmer, April, a boat rental and fishing guide proprietor, May, a carpenter, June, a geographic information specialist, July, the state buildings’ curator and an actor/singer, August, a retired psychologist, September, a semi-conductor engineer and farmer, October, a pilot and retired dentist, November, a substance abuse educator and a compost maker, and of course December, the proprietor of the Maple Corner Store, are now world-renown as the saviors of their village’s cultural mecca, the Maple Corner Community Center, now therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives:

That the General Assembly is pleased to honor the stars and staff of the Men of Maple Corner 2002 Calendar, and be it further

Resolved: That the Secretary of State be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Marialisa Calta in care of The Men of Maple Corner Calendar Committee.

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