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Maple Corner Men Reveal Community Spirit And Much More.

Text from the WCAX news report Mon, Oct. 15th, 2001 

 53} MEN_INTRO Tired of raising money through the coin drop? .....the bottle drive? ...the church supper? Well, folks in Calais have a new concept to raise money for the community. They've got their own calendar. But is the community ready for it? Anson Tebbetts and photographer Bryan Goodchild fill us in. -3- 54} MEN_PKG Fall in Vermont. The leaves light up the landscape. (tape 527 9:43:04 nat sot camera flicks) They are classic images that could end up in a calendar. (tape 527 6:05:24) (nat sot ooooh that's great) But this is not another spread about foliage. (tape 527 8:43:02) ((Craig Line/Photographer "Don could you tip your hat back a little. That's good")) Meet the Men of Maple Corner. (tape 527 14:51) ((Tim Wheelock/Male Model "We've all got bodies right. Mine is not great but that's ok")) This revealing portrait is all about community spirit. (tape 527 14:30) ((Tim Wheelock/Man of Maple Corner "Well it was more interesting than chicken pie suppers. and what an opportunity. This could lead to fame and the big leagues")) (tape 527 8:57:01) ((Craig Line/Photographer "Can you guys say wheeze. God that was pathetic")) (tape 527 9:17:06) ((Don Heise/Men of Maple Corner "just think women it will be you right here")) The calendar promises to be "tacky but tasteful"....Pikes hide private parts ......canoes cover up just enough. (tape 527 15:59:18) ((Stanley Fitch/Man of Maple Corner "Well this is something I have never see before")) 77 year old Stanley Fitch is Mr. March. The Fitch's go back generations in this little corner of calais. What would the ancestors think? (tape 527 17:00;22) ((Stanely Fitch/Man of Maple Corner "I think they are probably rolling in their grave")) dropping one's drawers sure draws a crowd--- (tape 527 20:58:08) ((Women Watching "getting to know our neighbors in ways we never knew. Or did we ever wish")) It's a pictorial that just could raise enough money to fix up the community center. And that's well worth it to those watching this display. (tape 527 19:29:22) ((Women Watching "good sports. they are good sports. especially the dog. Which dog?")) (tape 527 16:07:04) ((Stanley Fitch/Man of Maple Corner "DO YOU THINK THE NEIGHBORS ARE READY FOR THIS? Oh sure. They are ready for anything.")) Maple Corner might be. But is the world ready for the full Vermonty? Anson Tebbetts channel 3 news Calais. ************ (tape 527 3:53:10) ((Craig Line/Photographer "We may do it in the edge of the water so it's all water")) (;04) (tape 527 11:22:19) ((Craig Line/Photographer "Come this way Steve a little bit")) 55} MEN_TAG The "Men of Maple Corner" Calendar will be out in mid-november. It costs 16 dollars. If you want one write to the Maple Corner Community Center. The address is on your screen. So is the website. -3- 56} 4THWX_FORECAST 57} CHAT_CREDITS