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At The Gala

Gala Celebration
Sunday Evening, Dec. 2, 2001

At Rehearsal

  To the Men and Women of Maple Corner: Last night's "Celebration of Community" really became the celebration of an EXTRAORDINARY community.... What an incredible amount of talent and dedication was on display - from the fabulous culinary contributions to those who took the stage. Not to mention all the behind-the scenes work that has made the calendar project in particular, and Maple Corner Community Center projects in general, such a success. A special thought should be in our hearts and minds for all the Maple Corner-ites past who helped keep the community center going for lo those many years. Although the Gala Committee was thanked, I want to take an extra moment to acknowledge the work done by Bev and her crew (in order of "months:" Heidi, Josie, Elaine, Sarah, Linda G., Linda S., Judy, Ann, June, Louise, Meg and Diane) for the flawless planning of a flawless party...you thought of everything! The center never looked better, and just being there made me think: "This WAS all worth it." And when the ceiling lights upstairs began to flicker, it made me think: "I am REALLY GLAD we now have money to fix stuff." There are some of you on this e-mail list who may have been unable to attend: my condolences.All I can say is that, with a community like the one we've shown ourselves to be, we are guaranteed many, many more fun times ahead. Three cheers for us all - Marialisa P.S. one pressing concern: did someone collect and save all that rip-away underwear? I am thinking those boxers - along with the orange undies - may be needed for some future "entertainment."
  Which underwear did Hewitt abscond with--the briefs or the boxers? You can tell a lot about a guy by which he prefers--my hunch is that he wanted the rip away boxers... tom p. wrote: Regarding the underwear, I saw Hewitt stuffing them under his coat.
  Thank you for one of the most fun evenings of my life. My face is tired from all the smiling. If I've complained at all these last couple of months, I was reminded again tonight how every bit of work was so, so worthwhile. While I sit here writing this and thinking of what a fantastic party it was, I realize that some of you are probably still there cleaning up after our extravaganza this evening. Instead of feeling guilty, I'm still reveling in the incredible high. Thanks for indulging me. I'll tell you, the Academy Awards don't hold a candle to this. Again, thank you, everyone. I have a hunch that the Maple Corner Community Center is going to be a gathering place for us a lot in the years ahead. Halleluya (however you spell it)!!! (Hey, and I for one really enjoyed the kid-free evening. How about an occaisional adults only party in the future?) No one can tell me we could have selected a better bunch of folks to work on and be in the calendar. Eat your heart out, America. We got the market covered here in Maple Corner.
  Check back later for photos from Sunday night's Gala Party. If you have any photos to share, send them to Steve.