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The Men of Maple Corner
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The Men of Maple Corner Calendar 2002



Oct.31st, 2001

The idea for a fund-raiser named "The Full Vermonty" has been percolating since 1998 when the British film, "The Full Monty," was released. We thought of it first as a play, then as a calendar. The calendar project was well under way when a community member read a news article saying that Ben & Jerry's was marketing a flavor of the same name. Wanting to do the right thing, we called Ben & Jerry's to ask permission to use the name, and learned that the company was licensing the name from Twentieth Century Fox. We subsequently contacted Fox. On Friday, October 26, we received a faxed copy of a licensing agreement that we felt was so restrictive that we could not honor it, and therefore could not sign. We opted instead to change the name of the calendar to "The Men of Maple Corner." We regret any confusion that the name change may have caused. Same great guys, same good cause.

Contact: Marialisa Calta
Member, "Men of Maple Corner Calendar" Committee

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