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Recommended books and how to buy them:

Visit your local bookstore -

We know that many of you prefer the "hands-on" experience of browsing and buying in your local bookstore to ordering from any website, and we, of course support "going local." If that's your preference, just call your local bookstore and see if they have in stock the title you want (or any of the other titles listed here). If they don't, they'll undoubtedly be glad to order it for you. (That's their stock-in-trade after all—customer service.) A word of caution—if they look up a book in the computer and come back to tell you it's "out of print" ask them to check a different edition.



How to order books from BookSense.com -

This website is an affiliate of BookSense, the website for the Independent Booksellers Association. When you order a book, a small percentage is returned to us to help keep this website up and running. Ordering through BookSense gives you two options—you supply your zip code and city and book preference information and you'll be given the name of the independent bookstore nearest you that has the book in stock. Then you can either ask that it be held in the store for you to pick up or you can order it through the website and have it mailed to you. Click here to go to booksense.com

In Association with Amazon.com

How to order books from Amazon.com -

While we support and recommend buying books from your local bookstore, we know this isn't always possible. In that case, you can still help support this website, which gets a small commission on books purchased through Amazon.com (That is, if you start your order from the link on this site, whether you order books on this list, music, videos, or anything else they have to offer, Picture Net will benefit.). Ordering is easy. Just click on any of the books shown below, or do a search in the box at left, and the links will take you there. (the links below will take you there, but you are not obligated to buy anything).



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